Everyday driving conditions, including speed bumps and prolonged congestion place a strain on vehicles. The consequences can include suffering a breakdown at the side of a road or motorway. Therefore, it is advisable that we all keep our vehicles in top condition.

While it’s impossible to guarantee that the car will never suffer from a breakdown, Joseph Sutton Motor Company ltd. AA Warranty Dealer Care Extended Guarantee can provide total vehicle protection, which is designed to mitigate the costs associated with vehicle repairs, large and small. Any immediately required motor repairs can cause significant disruption to your plans as well as your pocket!. Our aim is your peace of mind and a guaranteed solution should things ever go wrong.

With increases in insurance premiums and rising fuel costs, car ownership is becoming more and more expensive. Moreover, maintenance and repairs are crucial to the preservation of performance and resale value. As we all know, keeping safely and legally mobile doesn’t come cheap. With a Joseph Sutton Motor Company ltd. AA Warranty Dealer Care Extended Guarantee, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be protected, potentially saving you hundreds – if not thousands – of pounds.

All of our vehicles are advertised with a warranty that will cover your vehicle should the worst happen.
Please feel free to call us for more information regarding the levels of cover we can provide.